Cash Management

Cash Management

Control company finances in quick order, courtesy of our easy-to-use online cash management suite. Succinctly navigate would-be workplace complexities, including payroll disbursement, ACH credits and debits, wire transfers, tax deposits, and more. Plus, pay vendors easily online!

Quit losing long hours pouring over the books. Save time and streamline your financial flow with the proper tools to manage your money.

  • Pay bills quickly and easily online
  • Initiate ACH debits and/or credits
  • Set up payroll direct deposit
  • Make tax payments to the IRS
  • Fast, secure wire transfers
  • Reconcile complex accounts
  • Manage multiple invoices
  • Allow multiple users with advanced permission controls
  • Easy-to-use and at your disposal 24/7

How Can Cash Management Help Your Business?

Call at 372-2243, or 888-831-5228 toll-free, to schedule an appointment.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination lets you distribute and collect funds electronically more efficiently than by traditional paper payments. Save time and money when you pay vendors, receive payments, and handle payroll in a more cost-effective manner.

Funds are easily disbursed to specified accounts at any ACH-member bank or credit union.


Move funds immediately with guaranteed availability through secure wire transfers. Our online banking system offers quick wire transfers both domestically and internationally. So you aren't left waiting while cash is on the way.

Wire Pricing:

  • $15.00 initiation fee for domestic wires
  • $5.00 fee to receive a wire transfer
  • International wire prices may vary
Tax Deposits

Use our online cash management service to easily make payments to the Internal Revenue Service to cover payroll and withholding taxes. Funds are processed and credited to a special Treasury account for your convenience.