Keep the cash and checks at home. Make purchases easily with a debit card — and make it yours with a custom design.

  • One free debit card with any new Lee County Bank checking account1
  • Use at the ATM, register, or online; accepted worldwide
  • Up to $25 in ATM fee refunds with The Big Account
  • Linked directly to your checking account
  • Funds deducted automatically
  • No finance charges or late fees
  • Quicker than writing a check
  • More convenient than carrying cash
  • Plus, design your own customizable photo card for just $10

1Replacement and cancellation fee applies for lost or stolen debit cards.

Monitor your debit card account for unusual activity with the free Brella mobile app. Gain peace of mind — enroll today.

  • Receive email or text alerts when transactions meet criteria that you designate
  • Turn your card off and back on any time you wish to prevent unauthorized use of your card if it’s lost or stolen
  • Add blocks for international transactions, card-not-present transactions, and transactions exceeding a certain threshold
  • Free for all Lee County Bank debit cardholders1
  • For more information, see the Brella User Guide

Enroll today at

1Standard message/data rates may apply from your carrier for text alerts.

Share your story every flip of your wallet with a Lee County Bank My Pic debit card! Customize your card with pictures of children, your pet, your favorite vacation spot — whatever your heart desires. Upload one of your own photos, choose one from our image gallery, or create your own art work. It's easy!

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your photo
  2. Upload photo
  3. Design your customized photo card

Lee County Bank Photo Debit Card has a cost of only $10 per card (plus applicable sales tax), which will be deducted from your account.

Why wait? Create your card right now!

Images must be at least 2048 x 1536 pixels and no more than 10 MB.

Our current image upload guidelines restrict the use of certain types of images. The following guidelines have been put in place to help you with your selection; however, Lee County Bank, reserves the right to approve or deny any images at our sole discretion.

Please do not submit any images containing the following:

  • Copyrighted or trademarked material not owned by a Lee County Bank partner — if you didn't take the photo or own the image, we cannot accept it.
  • Branded products (except those associated with a Lee County Bank partner).
  • Provocative, lewd, or sexual content — including nude or semi-nude pictures of people of any age.
  • Celebrities/musicians/public figures/athletes/cartoons, etc. (except for those associated with approved Lee County Bank partner).
  • Violence, violent acts or any type of death imagery (e.g. images of skulls).
  • Socially unacceptable or discriminatory behavior or signs (e.g. gangs, hatred, drug/alcohol abuse, graffiti).
  • Profanity or other obscene behavior or gestures.
  • Images of money from any country (including the United States) where money is the central focus of the photo.
  • Images of flags (Our gallery contains flag related imagery — please review those images if you are interested in having a flag on your card).
  • Controversial subject matter such as a political or religious statement and/or images.
  • Phone numbers (e.g. 800 or 900 #s) and URL addresses (e.g.
  • Competitive marks/names (e.g. Discover, American Express, etc).
  • Any image where the content is not clearly comprehensive or discernible. This includes non-English text, images, where the subject is unclear (i.e. blurry, distorted, etc) and may be interpreted as violating the guidelines. Any reference to the Olympic Games or events.
  • Any photo that might result in non-acceptance or other problems at point of sale.

See our full photo card terms and conditions.